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A New Way of Thinking is an up and coming provider of sales leads for the insurance industry. We offer quality leads to help agents, brokers and carriers sell more policies faster.

With a troubled economy and the high price of gas, more consumers are choosing to leverage the internet to research, compare prices and shop for insurance. As consumers become more internet savvy, they are no longer content with insurance rates offered by their local insurance agency. The internet allows every consumer the convenience of comparing insurance quotes from a number of insurance agents and carriers in minutes, just by filling out one intuitive online questionnaire.

ComScore, a preeminent media research group, has recently studied online auto insurance shopping activity in the United States. The study showed that 32 million people went online to shop for auto insurance quotes, and over 12 million actually purchased an auto insurance policy. That’s a 38% adoption rate of all shoppers. With such a massive flight of consumers to the internet to shop for insurance, internet insurance leads must be a major feature in your marketing portfolio.

The Secret

The secret of success when working with internet insurance leads starts with understanding that it’s a numbers game. For example, if you bought ten insurance leads per day and spent $200 dollars, on average one or two of them should buy a policy which can earn $300 in commission over the life of each policy. The idea is to make sure you to close at least 10% of the insurance leads you buy. If you use a proper follow-up system and keep in touch with those prospects you haven’t reached, you should be closer to closing 20% of your insurance leads.

Why Choose Us

  • Highest Close Rates
  • No Minimums or Contracts
  • Fast & Fresh Lead Delivery
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • We Never Resell Old Leads

How it works

  1. strategically positions itself throughout the internet using the latest web technology in areas where consumers are seeking online insurance quotes.
  2. The consumer clicks a link that accesses our website and completes an online targeted questionnaire.
  3. Our advanced lead distribution engine analyzes the data and determines which agent profile meets the customers’ requirement.
  4. Agent is notified

Sample Lead

Automobile Insurance Quote

How many quotes would applicant like to receive? 5
How soon does applicant need a quote? Immediately

Primary Vehicle Information

Select your vehicle year: 2006
Select your vehicle make: CHRYSLER
Select your CHRYSLER model: 300
Is this vehicle leased? No
Was this vehicle ever salvaged? No
Where is this vehicle parked overnight? Private Garage
What is the primary use of this vehicle? Work
This vehicle has the following: – Alarm – LoJack – OnStar – TeleTrac – Passive Disabling – Active Disabling
Do you have another vehicle to add? Yes

Second Vehicle Information

Select second vehicle year: 2008
Select second vehicle make: GMC
Select the GMC model: YUKON XL 1500
Is second vehicle leased? No
Was second vehicle ever salvaged? No
Where is second vehicle parked overnight? Private Garage
What is the primary use of the second vehicle? Business
Second vehicle has the following: – Alarm – LoJack – OnStar – TeleTrac – Passive Disabling – Active Disabling

Current Policy Information

Does applicant currently have automobile insurance? Yes
Who is applicants current insurance carrier? Allstate
When does applicants current policy expire? 3 to 6 months


Has applicant had any of the following violations in the past 3 years? – Accident – Claim – D.U.I. – D.W.I. – Speeding Ticket – Suspended License
Does applicant need an SR-22 filing? No
Does applicant need an SR-1P filing? No

Primary Driver

What is applicants gender? Male
How old is applicant? 48
How would applicant rate their credit? Average
What is the status of the applicants drivers license? Probation
What state was applicants drivers license issued? Hawaii
Does applicant have another driver to add? Yes

Secondary Driver

What is the second drivers relationship to the primary driver? Spouse
What is the second drivers gender? Female
How old is the second driver? 40
How would the second driver rate their credit? Excellent
What is the status of the second drivers license? Active
What state was the second drivers license issued? Florida

Contact Information

Full Name: John Doe
Address: 123 Main Street Savannah, Georgia 31401 United States
What county does applicant reside? Chatham County
Phone Number: (555) 555-5555
Best time to call: 10:00 AM
Email Address:
Special Instructions: Please expedite this request.

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